About me

I’m a computational linguist, data scientist, and data/software/systems architect. I currently work in applying natural language processing techniques to clinical (healthcare) texts, advanced analytics on healthcare claims data, machine learning/machine vision technologies, and reconfigurable computing. I also have extensive experience in semantic web technologies and data integration. Along the way I’ve written software for high-bandwidth data links, set-top boxes, orbital mission planning, and mainframes.11 Not the same software.

I hold an MS in Computational Linguistics from the University of Washington; my thesis research focuses on the implementation of valence-changing operations within the DELPH-IN reference formalism, implemented as a library for Grammar Matrix-derived precision grammars. Other recent or ongoing research areas of interest include endangered language preservation and documentation, computational methods in linguistic hypothesis testing, and heterogenous computing architectures.

My Erdős number is 4, my Bacon22 Including theatre appearances. number is 3, and my Sabbath number is 7.

You can reach me by email at:
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